Introduction to Ceramic Surfaces I


Introduction to Ceramic Surfaces I


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September 8 - October 27 ( 8 sessions)
Hours : Saturdays 11:00pm - 1:30pm
Course Price: Price : $370

Instructor: Aimee Odum

This course will build a foundation for students to better utilize the vast possibilities of treating ceramic surfaces, whether with glazes, underglazes, specialty firings, such as luster or decals, mason stains, oxides and more. The course will cover the many ways of applying these materials such as spraying, dipping, brushing, or adding materials to the clay body. Additionally, students will gain background information to the science of why materials behave and interact the way they do, including firing temperatures and common glaze flaws such as crazing and crawling.

The way the surface of a work is treated can enhance or destroy a piece. Students will begin the class by working on a variety of test tiles to better understand the behavior of these treatments. By first focusing on the options and possibilities of a surface, students will gain a more comprehensive knowledge of ceramic materials, allowing this experience to inform future constructions in their studio practice. Students should have some prior experience working with and handling clay. 


  • Develop a more comprehensive understanding for the treatment options of ceramic surfaces: glaze, underglaze, specialty firings, colored clay body, stains & oxides, etc...

  • Learn how to best utilize test tiles for exploring a new combination of glazes, oxides, or stains

  • Exposure to and practice of application methods: spraying, dipping, brushing, masking, and adding

    materials to the clay body

  • Begin to understand the science behind ceramic materials and how their properties behave and

    interact in a firing

  • Recognize glaze flaws and how to prevent them or utilize their behavioral tendencies

  • Gain a greater awareness of safety and cleanliness when working with new ceramic materials and

    surface treatments: dust and vapor precautions, chemical traces, leaching and food safety for functional ware 

The price includes: Clay, Mason Stains, Luster Mother of Pearl (Gold available for purchase), Underglaze, Slips, Glazes and Black Copper Wash.

Refund Policy: Refund and transfer requests must be made via mail or in person one week prior to start of the class. Registration receipts are required and there is a $35 processing fee for all refunds and transfers.