Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Work by Marcius Galan, Fabricated by SSNYC

Work by Lenora de Barros, Fabricated by SSNYC


Sculpture Space NYC offers the following services: prototype development, commissions, casting, mold making, and firing.


New York Public Library
Sculpture Center
Luhring Augustine Gallery
1602 Broadway Gallery
Jim Hodges Studios
Lenora de Barros
Marcius Galan
Annamarie Ho
Anicka Yi

Firing Fees

Rent full kiln load

25 cubic feet: $300 (H49"x W30"x D30")

16.5 cubic feet: $230 (H25.5"x W41"x D26")

3.2 cubic feet kiln: $100 (H21"x W15.5"x D15.5")

(price is for any Cone up to Cone 6, and for standard firing cycle).

Loading fee is $30.00~$58.00, depending on how many pieces are being loaded.

The prices indicated are for standard slow firing cycles. Any firing with special requirements such ramp/hold are subject to additional fees.