Wheel Throwing Beginner to Intermediate (Saturday Afternoon )


Wheel Throwing Beginner to Intermediate (Saturday Afternoon )


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Oct 26 - Dec 14 (seven weeks/ no class on Nov 30)

Price: $340 ( includes clay and glazes). 

Hours: Saturdays 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Firings Fee: 5 cents per cubic inch (that includes bisque and glaze firing).

Open Studio: We offer Extra Studio time for currently enrolled students: $20 for one visit; $30 for 3 weeks and $60 for 7 weeks;

Hours: Tuesdays 11:00am- 7:00pm, Thursdays 11:00am- 7:00pm & Saturdays 1:30pm- 7:00pm (closed 11/26 - 11/ 30)

Description: The focus of this 7 week session is on wheel throwing. Demonstrations and hands-on work will engage participants in learning the basics of wheel throwing, trimming and finishing. 

Surface embellishments will include the use of texturing, colored slips and glaze techniques.

Every week, a new relevant component will be introduced. Creative approaches to altered and combined elements will provide challenges for more experienced students.

Instructor: Jaleh Fazel is a ceramist working within the tradition of functional pottery.   

In her practice, forms are negotiated with function and surface decoration is achieved primarily through glazing and texturing. “With the wheel” she likes to observe, “one can quickly make a hollow vessel which can be altered through addition and subtraction.” In addition to ceramic tile making and hand building, Jaleh leads workshops in nerikomi and neriage coloring techniques. Her research into various ceramic traditions have taken her on visits to Japan, Czech Republic, Finland, India, Estonia, Italy and her native Iran where she was first introduced to pottery as a child. In addition to her work with the ceramic wheel, her knowledge of glaze chemistry and techniques are evidence of her extensive experience and commitment to the practice.

In addition to her work with pottery and classical forms, her interests in cooking, sewing and jewelry making continue intersecting her work in unexpected ways.

Jaleh is a graduate of Indiana University where she majored in ceramics and metalsmithing.

Makeup class Policy: We try to be as accommodating as possible with scheduling make-up classes, but it is based on availability. Make-ups must be pre-approved by the teacher to ensure the make-up class is the appropriate skill level, and that there is availability in the class.  If we are not able to schedule a make-up class, the student can come in for one day during Open Studio hours.

Refund Policy: Refund and transfer requests must be made via mail or in person two weeks prior to start of the class. Registration receipts are required and there is a $50 processing fee for all refunds and transfers.

 Studio etiquette: 

Students are expected to comply with studio guidelines and maintain a clean work environment during every class. It is equally important to respect others working in the studio, maintaining a friendly but professional manner. SSNYC is committed to providing an exceptional experience for students, members, and teachers alike.

Age requirement: 

Due to the nature of studio ceramics and the materials used, all classes are for adults age 21 and older